MySchool – School management system

MySchool offers a comprehensive software solution for educational institutions.  A school management system. Our goal is to assist schools in simplifying their day to day operations for the benefit of administrators, students and teachers.

MySchool consists of about 30 system modules that work together to provide a comprehensive software solution. The system runs in real-time which means that it continuously shows up-to-date information instead of the user having to wait for the system to perform time consuming actions.
Since the requirements and wishes of educational institutions vary between schools, it is possible to select and use individual modules of the MySchool system without using the whole range of possibilities that the system has to offer. Also, it is possible to adapt and modify different modules of the MySchool system to fit the needs of each school.

The structure of the MySchool system

MySchool can be divided into a few subsystems or modules which perform different functions, such as Applications, Student Management, Resumes, Continuing Education and Learning Management. The system is a comprehensive software solution for educational institutions and great effort has been taken to ensure that the system is simple and convenient to use as well as being practical to manage and maintain.