About us

Studia ehf. was founded in January 2007.  The company operates in the field of software development and consultancy regarding software.
The company develops and markets software solutions for educational institutions under the Icelandic brand name „Námsnetið“ and the English brand name „MySchool“. Great emphasis has been made to ensure ease of use for administrators, teachers and students. The system is fully web-enabled and is composed of around 30 independent system modules.
Although Studia is a fairly young company, there are several key factors that portray the extensive knowledge on which base the company is founded. These include:

  • The company’s managing director, Jóhannes H. Steingrímsson, has over 25 years of programming experience and has been involved in the development and marketing of the system for the last 8-9 years
  • The first version of the software was launced in 1998 and has been in constant development and use since then
  • Among our customers and partners are many of the leading educational institutions in Iceland and the system is developed both with their needs in mind and often in close cooperation with them

General information

Soc. sec. no.: 430107-1000 VAT no.: 92836
Legal residence: Básbryggju 47 Postal address: IS-110 Reykjavík, Iceland
Offices are based at: Síðumúli 13,  Address: Síðumúli 13,  IS-108 Reykjavík, Iceland
Tel. no.: 571-7900 Email: info (-)


Jóhannes H. Steingrímsson and Rannveig B. Ragnarsdóttir

To contact us

Phone number during office hour: +354 571 7900
Phone number outside office hour: +354 864 7669
General inquire: info(hjá)