Student registry

MySchool Student registry system handles all information about students such as student records and their educational progress within the school. It provides administrators and employees with a comprehensive overview of day-to-day operations that involve the student registry.


Maintains all of the personal information in the student registry for each individual student. Among the information listed is full name, social security number, address, telephone number, mobile phone, email, major or course of study, photo (if available), name of custodian or next of kin, whether the student is on student loans etc.


The history of each student within the educational institution can easily be viewed. An individual student can have many records within the same school. In that case, the students history is broken down into various elements:

  • Individual courses or seminars: shows the individual courses or seminars in which the particular student is enrolled
  • Registration history: shows the majors or courses of study that the student has been enrolled in
  • Payment history: lists all payments of tuitions and fees, their amounts, status and comments
  • Comments: shows various additional comments, such as iterations of unpaid tuitions etc.
  • Study break: lists study breaks that the student has taken, when they were taken and comments
  • Applications history: shows the applications that the student has made in the past to the particular school


The timetable of each individual student can be accessed in a convenient manner.


Students can be enrolled into courses and out of courses in a very convenient manner. All options can be accessed and selected from previously defined lists which can improve efficiency in the process of enrolling students into courses. Also, courses of other studies or majors, outside a student’s major, can easily be selected and added to the student record for individual students which may occur if a student is permitted to attend selective courses from another course of study or major.


The grades of each individual student can be viewed by courses of study or major. Information on grades contains the number of each course, credits, name, status and grade. Furthermore, additional information that can be viewed includes:

  • Show history: shows courses which the student has either not passed or been enrolled out of
  • Show categories: lists courses based on the categories which they belong to, such as intermediate, advanced etc.
  • Show by semesters: shows the courses that the student has been enrolled in, broken down by semesters

Information about student’s grades can be extracted out of the system in various formats, such as HTML, Excel or Word.


In some courses, student’s can be required to attend classes but it can vary whether student’s are required to attend all classes or maintain a particular percentage of attendance. In this case, it is easy to view the teachers’ attendance registration for individual students. A certain number of attendance points are given based on type of absence, such as „Late“, „Absent“, „Sick“ or „On leave“.

Transferred credits

In those cases where a student’s credits can be transferred between courses or from other schools, administrators can easily register such information to the student’s record.

Student records

A student may have many student records within the same school. Therefore, the system maintains each of these records separately for the same student. Various options can be selected, such as:

  • Re-enrollment to the same course of study or major
  • Transfer between courses of study or majors as well as transfer between departments
  • Add previously taken courses to a student’s record
  • Enrollment to a new course of study or major


Various certificates may have to be prepared for students. Certificates can easily be prepared within the system for individual students. These certificates include:

  • Certificate of Attendance, current semester
  • Certificate of Attendance, all semesters
  • Certificate of Study

There are many different formats or means of output that can be selected for the certificates, such as On-Screen, HTML, Word, Excel or XML.

Repeat exams registration

Those students which will be taking or are registered to take repeat exams are listed in a special category.

Extra payer

If students get their tuitions paid by some other party, such as a company or custodian. An extra payer can easily be registered for individual students to ensure that invoices for tuitions are sent to the right address.


Administrators can extract various lists from the system. This makes it easier for administrators to view the many different aspects of the educational process within their school, i.e. by course of study or major as well as by departments. Lists that can be extracted from the system include:

  • Students, by course of study or major as well as by department
  • Students, by type
  • Study break
  • Grades distribution
  • Required courses
  • Progress
  • Educational performance
  • National registry
  • Calculated credits
  • Attendance
  • Classes

The lists above can be extracted in many various formats.


Courses can be viewed by individual departments and specific semester in a convenient manner. Among these include:

  • Overview: shows the unique ID number of each course, description, number of credits, number of enrolled students, status of the course, attendance and teacher’s view
  • Exams & Groups: lists courses and relevant information, exams and groups, teachers and course assistants
  • Grade registration: registration of students’ grades in final exams or repeat exams according to specific department, semester and course
  • Learning disabilities: messages to a group of students with learning disabilities and other special needs. The messages cannot be viewed by other students outside this specific group
  • Course crashes: shows whether students are enrolled into courses that crash or collide with each other, i.e. are being thought at the same time during the day


Students can be given permission to enroll or register themselves for graduation through the MySchool Learning Management system. In that case, the information in the MySchool Student Management system is automatically updated when the student has chosen to confirm the registration.

As an alternative, students can be registered for graduation directly within the MySchool Student Management system. The registration for graduation can either be performed on Individual students or on a number of students at a time depending on their course of study or major.

Connection to MySchool Learning Management

The MySchool Student Management system connects directly to the MySchool Learning Management system which makes it possible to transfer information about students, teachers, books and timetables directly into MySchool Learning Management System. The connection or bridge is designed in such a way that if information is changed in the MySchool Student Management system it will automatically update the information in the MySchool Learning Management system (i.e. if a student drops out of a course).

Connection to accounting software

The MySchool Student Management system can be easily connected to accounting software, such as Navision, which makes it easy to collect tuitions and other fees from students and keep track of whether students have already paid or not. Furthermore, a connection or bridge between MySchool Student Management and the Agresso accounting software is being made.