Learning management system

Added efficiency in education

With standardized methods of work and good access to all teaching materials, MySchool promotes added efficiency in education. Students and teachers have a good overview over everything that is going on in the learning process.

The system shows in an accessible way an overview over all new material that relates to each student along with a list og all exams and assignments that teachers have submitted. In the list of assignments you can also see unfinished assignments.

Added quality in education

With an intensive teaching evaluation system, where you can ask students directly about the quality of the teaching, the school administrators get a good opportunity to provide teachers with support and help them correct the things that need improvement.

School administrators have easy access to everything that is going on in the system and can monitor how the system is used and how teachers utilize the system.

Supports individual orientated learning

MySchool supports individual orientated learning. With easy access to all learning material, students can speed up their work through the course and solve assignments and mock-exams without the need for attention on behalf of the teacher.

With the help of MySchool teachers are able to monitor the advancement of each student and advise individuals in various ways. It is easy to submit various teaching material that can be utilized by students with different needs.

Added incentive for students

A good and well organized Learning Management System is without doubt a great incentive fors students to excel in their education. It is easy to make all material more accessible to students with explanations, links to outside information relating to the course or with various multimedia material which increases the interest of the students in each subject. Added access to information can therefore reduce student dropout ratios.

Teacher – student interaction

Posting messages to students and/or sending them emails is easy to do. Students can also send emails to all other students participating in the same course. It is also possible to create forums for parts of the course so that students can discuss various topics that relate to the course.

New material

New material creates a list of items where students can view changes or additions which have been made to all of their courses in the last 3 days. This feature makes it easy for students to track whether anything new has been added to their courses and consequently do not have to check out the individual pages of every single course they are enrolled in.


Timetable contains the student’s timetable week by week. In the Timetable each student can view various material when it is added to each course. For example, a description of the objectives of each lecture, the material that will be used in the lecture and information about assignment deadlines can be viewed.

Teaching material

The Learning Management system contains all electronic material that relates to the learning process, such as PowerPoint presentations, links to websites relating to the course and various other documents. By using the system, the teacher can create webpages, submit assignments and create forums. Easy access promotes systematic utilization.

Help & User assistance

The administrator can easily maintain information about various topics related to technical issues within the school. This element is also known as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).
User assistance for teachers and students is easily accessible at the same location within the system.

About the course

Here, the teacher lays out the basic information about the course, such as goals, description and so forth. The objectives of each individual lecture can also be described. In this way, the students can easily assess how the workload spreads over the semester and what aspects of the specific course are most important.


In the assignment management module, teachers can submit assignments, grade them and publish grades to each individual students along with comments. The system can easily maintain all the assignments in each specific course.

Online exams

The Learning Management System provides the possibility of utilizing an Exam bank where the students can get a hold of those previous exams which the teacher has added to the system, with or without a solution key for each exam. This guaranteed that the same information is available to all students in their preparation for their exams.